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The Bonobo
Communications Workshop

September 12, 2016
San Diego Zoo
San Diego, California

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Laura Galinson 
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LE Gaming, Inc
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Young Bonobo on Tire Swing

Young bonobo on Tire Swing







The first-ever Bonobo Communications Workshop brought together environmentalists, academics, NGO’s, nonprofits, business, and above all bonobo experts to drive critical dialogue that will advance bonobo awareness.

The goal of the workshop was to bring together a diverse group of bonobo stakeholders from around the world to develop effective, creative and collaborative initiatives aimed at building bonobo awareness throughout the U.S.

Advisory Committee: Dr. Amy Parish (USC), Dr. Annette Lanjouw (Arcus Foundation), Fanny Minesi (Lola ya Bonobo), Dr. Gay Reinartz (Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative), Jef Dupain (African Wildlife Foundation)

Please click here to view the Workshop Program.

Please click here to view the Workshop Press Release.